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alliance universal ruleset

last updated 14 September 2021

basic rules

stage list



No player can pick any stage they've previously won on in the set.

For the sake of strikes and bans, Tower of Salvation and Final Destination are considered one stage.

Stage striking can be forgone entirely, and legal stages, 3DS, or Waiting Room may be chosen directly if agreed to.

set procedure

Players have 15 minutes to show up for their set during Winners Round 1 and 2, and 10 minutes for any set after. A set has a time limit of 35 minutes for best of 3 sets, or 50 minutes for best of 5 sets, from the time the players meet.


Stalling is banned and will result in the forfeiture of the current game being played. Stalling is defined as intentionally delaying the game as to make it unplayable. This includes:

lag and desyncing

The standard procedure for lag is:

  1. Speedtest
  2. Toaster Clause
  3. Program Clause
  4. Ethernet Clause
  5. Alternate Online
  6. Higher seed moves on

In more detail, when a game is considered unplayable due to lag, here's what happens:

Players will first take a speedtest using their preferred service (Ookla Speedtest is recommended), with the results sent via DM to TOs. Then, a comparison is made against the bare minimum playing requirements (and not to each other) shown below:

If a player does not meet all of these requirements, then they will be disqualified. However, if both players meet the requirements, then they may attempt to play again or continue with the lag procedure.

Following a speedtest, the next course of action is the Toaster Clause. Much like the speedtest, the players' machine specification is compared against the bare minimum playing requirements, shown below:

If both players still meet the requirements, the next action is Program Clause. When invoked, both players must close all applications except the required communication software, Super Smash Flash 2, and a web browser with a two tab limit. All downloads and uploads must be cancelled. A confirmation screenshot will be sent to TOs when this is completed.

While having a wired connection is not strictly required, players may invoke Ethernet Clause, and if a wired connection is not possible a disqualification may occur.

Then, players may attempt a different method to play outside of MGN.

Finally, if all possible options have been exhausted and the game is still not playable, the higher seed will advance.

Both players' ability to call upon the lag procedure is forfeit if Game 2 is started.

other rules

player conduct

Players who are acting unruly may be disqualified, irrespective of any technical rules. The following is a non-exhaustive list of things that may get a player disqualified for poor conduct:

The TO has the final ruling in all other disputes.

ssf2 alliance circuit

alliance circuit info

current circuit scores

The SSF2 Alliance Circuit is a season-long circuit in which participating events will give points to high-placing players, with the points going towards an invitational event at the end of the season. The final invitational will feature 16 players. The first 12 spots will be claimed by the top 12 players after all circuit events have concluded, and the last 4 will be players voted in.

Points are calculated using quite a complicated formula involving a player's placement and their wins against high-ranking players-- players ranked on the most recent PR. It's a black box. Don't question it.

The following events are Circuit events and count for Circuit Points:

  • 05.01 - May Madness
  • 05.08 - Battle for the Big Top 17
  • 05.22 - Smash Island: Actress Again
  • 05.29 - Mac and Cheese 4
  • 06.12 - Exodus 3
  • 06.19 - Just Vibin' 6
  • 07.01 - Frame Perfect Series 6
  • 07.10 - Battle for the Big Top Summer Special
  • 07.24 - Bowler's 4
  • 08.07 - last chance.

You can also see if an event is a Circuit event by looking for the SSF2 logo next to the bracket link.

top 12

  1. 10387 EAST Prolific
  2. 4168 CAN MKZaiR
  3. 3693 EAST AK160
  4. 3565 EAST Jmac
  5. 3008 EAST TillurMan
  6. 2981 EAST Arsee
  7. 2745 SOUTH Rage
  8. 2272 WEST HiDa
  9. 2090 CAR Astral
  10. 1209 SOUTH JMi
  11. 1113 EAST Velo
  12. 1072 CAN Chaos0

in the hunt

  1.   986 EAST PlayfulPiano
  2.   873 EAST iDoge
  3.   848 EAST shirobby
  4.   839 EAST solace
  5.   797 CAN Godly
  6.   707 CAN Vash
  7.   655 EAST Lil_Natey
  8.   268 WEST Flavien

ssf2 power rankings

ssf2rank 2021 t2 (current)

  1. Prolific
  2. ZaiR
  3. TillurMan
  4. AK160
  5. Jmac
  6. HiDa
  7. Arsee
  8. Chaos0
  9. shirobby
  10. Rage
  11. JMi
  12. Astral
  13. Godly
  14. Velo
  15. Piano
  16. Lil_Natey
  17. Vash
  18. gunslinger
  19. MrM
  20. jiracha

ssf2rank 2021 t1

  1. Prolific
  2. ZaiR
  3. Arsee
  4. Chaos0
  5. HiDa
  6. iDoge
  7. AK160
  8. Jmac
  9. Flavien
  10. TillurMan
  11. JMi
  12. shirobby
  13. Artmagic3318
  14. Rage
  15. gunslinger
  16. Lil_Natey
  17. Narga
  18. Dany
  19. Velo
  20. Godly

ssf2rank 2020 h2

  1. ZaiR
  2. Arsee
  3. Prolific
  4. Ace2020
  5. Vash
  6. Chaos0
  7. TillurMan
  8. Artmagic3318
  9. Brann
  10. Flavien
  11. Pixel
  12. Nible
  13. Inari
  14. Lil_Natey
  15. Riko
  16. Rage
  17. MGUltra
  18. kenworld7
  19. Dan12390
  20. Uffda
  21. shirobby
  22. WiZ
  23. worstness
  24. KxngFalco
  25. Twelve
  26. Dany
  27. Ender
  28. iDoge
  29. Astral
  30. TyranitarLord

ssf2rank 2020 h1

  1. Arsee
  2. Prolific
  3. Kyoz
  4. Ace2020
  5. Vash
  6. Dany
  7. Brann
  8. Rage
  9. Chaos0
  10. Roshi
  11. Lermonz
  12. Lil_Natey
  13. K41
  14. Akabonba
  15. ThePiXeL
  16. TillurMan
  17. WiZ
  18. Raum
  19. wuhw
  20. Nible
  21. Aneron
  22. Artmagic3318
  23. Uberstar
  24. KxngOfGames1
  25. PickPocket
  26. DrizzyRhyme
  27. Requiescat
  28. Indignation
  29. Inari
  30. Uffda

ssf2rank 2019

  1. Prolific
  2. Vash
  3. Ace2020
  4. Arsee
  5. SummerFunk
  6. Riko
  7. Kizu
  8. ThePiXeL
  9. Nine
  10. Lil_Natey
  11. Lermonz
  12. Artmagic3318
  13. K41
  14. Uffda
  15. Henoz
  16. Raum
  17. Requiescat
  18. Rage
  19. Roshi
  20. Aneron
  21. WiZ
  22. Brann
  23. SenpaiCry
  24. SilverEvil
  25. TheBestG
  26. pHacique
  27. DrizzyRhyme
  28. Creptiqal
  29. Bleblemic
  30. Keegan

union pr spring 2019

  1. Vash
  2. Ace2020
  3. Arsee
  4. Riko
  5. Kizu
  6. SummerFunk
  7. Artmagic3318
  8. ThePiXeL
  9. Lil_Natey
  10. Nine
  11. K41
  12. Nible
  13. Creptiqal
  14. TheBestG
  15. Lermonz
  16. Inari
  17. Requiescat
  18. Cradirox
  19. Rage
  20. SilverEvil
  21. Uffda
  22. Gyasim
  23. Hero
  24. AndroidBowl
  25. Invalid
  26. Prolific
  27. pHacique
  28. Shwick
  29. only in kansas
  30. MischiefWaluigi

src summer 2017

  1. Gax
  2. Flavien
  3. RiverDB 🕇
  4. NoS
  5. ZaiR
  6. Kyoz
  7. Oreocackester
  8. Incinerate
  9. Hanaj
  10. TyranitarLord
  11. Chaos0
  12. Marvin
  13. Miracle--7
  14. KingPawn
  15. Vash
  16. BladeUnleashed
  17. Stef
  18. Drarky
  19. Prolific
  20. Strat2G
  21. Ace2020
  22. FearZero
  23. Mirwaiss
  24. Xenn
  25. Arsee
  26. Yix
  27. Chaunch
  28. Cookies
  29. Helios
  30. Andres

1 KxngOfGames was discovered to be an alt account of No.10 Roshi after the 2020 H1 PR was released. For historical reasons, the listing as shown is unchanged.

helpful and useful links

community hubs

The McLeodGaming Discord server is the official hub for everything MG, from SSF2 to Yeah Jam Fury! and the upcoming platform fighting sensation Fraymakers. Though an obvious starting point, pure competitive players may find McLeodGaming underwhelming.

SSF2 Galaxy is the de facto community hub for the competitive scene. As a third-generation community server, SSF2 Galaxy has all the ammenities for the competitive scene, short of character channels, in a more lax environment.

Flash Fight Club is an SSF2-specific community hub focused on player improvement and meta development. New players that find McLeodGaming to not suit their needs may find FFC to be a good pick.

SSF2 Alliance is the home server of the group by the same name. This is the server where tournaments first get posted. It's also the home of the SSF2 Back Room and where when's flash development happens. How meta.

SSF2 Crew League is the home of crews and crew battles in the SSF2 community. Bring your crew aboard or join an existing crew and do battle with other crews for prestige and bragging rights.

streams and vods

For the past six years, The Lab Creatives has been the premier stream team for Super Smash Flash 2 tournaments, featuring the best in stream production and commentary the community has to offer. If you're looking for MVG- or VGBC-level quality out of SSF2, look no further than right here.

The first streamer for CX, you may know him as Doq. He's held down the top tournament streamer spot for most of SSF2's online existence. Though very few streams happen on his personal stream, you may see it used for non-tournament content such as podcast-esque talk segments and other games.

The second streamer for CX, you may know him as khaitrii. shirobby was a recent acquisition to the CX main stream team, being promoted from pure commentator after a journey in stream production.

The only streamer not streaming for CX worth mentioning though he does commentate for CX. Flavien is far and away the third most prominent streamer for tournaments, topping other independent streamers, while also producing for other content such as freeplays and crew battles.

when's flash vod archive (forthcoming)

when's flash vod archive is a YouTube channel with no videos, but acts as a jump-off to other channels by having links to vod channels and playlists of tournament vods in one place. Coming soon.

competitive guides and resources

A living, regularly updated document curated by the Alliance Seeding Team to use as a reference for seeding tournaments. Not a replacement for any PR, but instead considered a supplement to the PR.

The guide all new and aspiring players should start with. This three-part guide by Inari will walk you through the fundamentals and popular mechanics of Super Smash Flash 2.

about when's flash

when's flash originally started as a single serving site made to present tournament listings for competitive Super Smash Flash 2 tournaments. Over its development, when's flash became more than just a tournament listing website. It's now taking on more of a hcr role by having rulesets, rankings, and links to valuable resources along with its intended tournament list.

when's flash is hand-written and hand-maintained by Ameowli (some of you may know him as Doq), with ideas and direction from the members of the SSF2 Alliance.

when's flash will likely remain in beta until a bracket scraping implementation is made.

If you like what you see, you can buy Ameowli a coffee. He doesn't even drink coffee.


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